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Bullions Service:

In this Service We provide you with the best Intraday Tips for Bullion’s with technical & fundamentals.

What you Get?

Gold & Silver

Around 2 calls will be given daily In gold & silver.

Calls given on silver for minimum 400 points to 1000 points

Call given For gold for minimum 100 points To 300 points
Calls given In 1 multiply 3 segment {1 Rs Sl or 3 Rs Tgt }
Special;  calls given with single Tgt & single Sl

Medium Of Calls

Calls Will Be Given Only On SMS & By Call.

India: All GSM & CDMA Networks Covered.

Complete Support On Yahoo & Direct Mobile Number will be provided.

We assure you 90-95% accuracy in this plan on consistent basis.

Sample Calls

Buy Gold Dec @  30600 with sl  30550, Tgt 30700-30800-30900.

Buy Silver Mar @  57700 with sl  57500, Tgt 58100-58500-58900,.


Gold Jackpot Call : - Rs.15,000 P/M

Silver Jackpot Call :- Rs.15,000 P/M

Combo Plan :- Rs.25,000 P/M

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